Your Event & Contest Management System

Need help organizing your next event or contest? We can help, all the tools you need in one place. Keep it Simple!

Event Types

zFairs supports many different event types, here are just a few of the more common events we are familiar with.

Science Fair

Music Festivals

zFairs can take the stress out of running a band, orchestra, or choir festival. We can handle registration, scheduling, judging, awards, feedback, and vendors - all in one place. Organize your next event with zFairs, so you can sit back and enjoy the music.

Science Fair

STEM & Science Fairs

Running a Science fair is not easy, especially if you are affiliated with Regeneron ISEF. No worries, we've got ISEF Forms, Paperwork review, Project Approval, Teacher Access, Science Fair Wizards, Judging, and awards.

NHD Contest

NHD - National History Day

zFairs partners closely with NHD and is the sole authorized event system provider. Our NHD modules allow you to easily manage your contest, students, entries, judges, and student and entry promotion.

Invention Convention

Invention Convention

zFairs is the event only authorized event system for Invention Convention, we have tailored modules that make it easy to manage you inventors, organize judges, and simplify your job.

Are you using more than one system?

We have all the tools you need for in-person and virtual events. Online registration, ticket & merch sales, communication, judging, tracking, entry and exhibit approval, and so much more. Not seeing the feature you need or you have a very unique flow, just ask us. You'll be shocked how easy, versatile, and powerful our system really is.

Secure & Private

Data security and privacy is no joke, we've got you covered. There is a lot to consider to ensure your data is secure and in compliance with state and federal law. Not to mention when you start dealing with student and minor data, PCI, HIPAA, we can even handle FERPA and COPPA as well.

In short, we work hard to secure your data, make sure it's backed up, and encrypted. So you can always get it and others can't.